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The current price of Ravencoin(RVN) is: 0.0187102

What are Ravencoin assets?

Assets on the Ravencoin blockchain can represent anything from Real estate to Art, to Tickets, coupons & more!

  1. What is a Main Asset?
  2. What is a Sub-Asset?
  3. What is a Unique Asset?

Main Assets

What is a Ravencoin Main Asset?

Main assets are the foundation of everything Ravencoin Tokenization and NFT / Asset building. RVN Main assets can be considered"DOmain Names" that live on chain on how The Ravencoin BLockchain organize hash data into Human Readable Searchable Blockchain info. Main assets are displayed as a single word, for example: "SIRCRONE".
Main assets cost 500RVN to create.


What is a Ravencoin Sub-Asset?

Subassets as the name implies is the second phase of Aset creation. Subassets can only be created FROM a Main aset. Think of it like a Parent - Child relationship. From a Main asset a subasset can be created. SUb assets are what are commonly known as NFT or (Non-Fungibnle TOkens). Sub assets on the Ravencoin blockchain can be minted with a Quantity specified. for example Someone coan create a fun new "COIN" or Token with a quantity of 21,000,000,000. and send it to everyuone they meet and every can have a piece of that asset. or they can be minted as low as 2 and create Rarity or Scarcioty. The structure of sub assets follow the slash structure for example: SIRCRONE/CRONENBER20.
Sub Assets cost 100 RVN to mint.

Unique Assets

What is a Ravencoin Unique Asset?

Unique assets are where the term "1 of 1" came from. only 1 Unique asset can ever be created and this is usually identified by a "#" symbol before the name in a Ravencojn address, for example SIRCRONE#CRONENBERG18.
Unique assets cost 5 RVN to create / Mint.

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