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The current price of Ravencoin(RVN) is: 0.02349777

What is a Ravencoin Wallet?

A Ravencoin "Asset aware" wallet uses cryptography to securely hold your assets (NFTS/Tokens etc). It is called "asset aware" because this kind of wallet can see and hold your Ravencoin NFTS (or any kind of Ravencoin token created that has an image file attached to it).

When you set up your wallet, you are asked to write down your seed phrase or "private key". Put them in a safe place. The coins or tokens may not be worth much now, but they might be in the future. So, put them in a safe place (a safe in a fireproof bag,or in a safety deposit box). DO NOT take a screen shot of your seed phrase since there are bots that scan google photos for your keys! If you don't give out your private key to anyone, it is impossible steal your coins. The crypto expression "not your keys, not your coins" is there for a reason. But a Ravencoin wallet does more than just hold assets/NFTS. It is also the place we mint new NFTS or tokens from.

Ready to set up an asset aware wallet to hold your NFTS? On chain NFTS are the future since NO SMART CONTRACT is needed, and setting up your wallet is easy. You have two main options for Ravencoin Asset Aware Wallets because we are just that early. We strongly reccommend the Ravencoin CORE Wallet Ravencoin Core Wallet because your keys are offline and it helps to secure the network. Mango Farms wallet is a web based wallet that is also available (sign in with username and password- be sure to put that information in a safe place!)

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